A Little Sunday Reminder

Happy Sunday Living Well Mamas

Now.. I don’t have any solid links to back up the research.. or the statistic that caused someone else to create this graphic… but MAN did it stop and make me think!

Your whole life changes when you find out there’s life growing inside of you. That your body isn’t just your own anymore. It’s unexplainable but I’m sure every mama here can raise their hand and say “Yes! Truth!”


Living a healthy life encompasses so many areas that create a well oiled machine. And let’s face it, nobody’s got it down perfect, am I right? But each progressive step helps…

If not for you… do this for them

Grow in spiritual health

Eat REAL food

Move that body

Reduce that body burden

Take care of your mind

Say no thank you to negative energy

Drop those bad habits

Make conscious lifestyle changes

Choose toxin free products for your home

Live WELL, my friends