Body Exfoliation

I could not WAIT to write this post for you all, because I’m not kidding… my skin feels better than it has in ages! Smoooooth as a baby 
Being a gal who loves a toxin free faux tan, I have tried lots of different safe exfoliating scrubs, lotions, and treatments over the years. But they all leave me feeling… kinda… greasy. The carrier oils and nourishing ingredients used to make the product end up just sitting ON my skin and leave me feeling like I need to exfoliate even more.
So I have been on a mission to find something that ACTUALLY works for a long time… and now I’ve got it!
Introducing…  The Serenity Sponge 
  • These hand held sponges are created from sustainably and naturally sourced Luffa.
  • Luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family.
  • When the fruit is fully ripened, it is very fibrous.
  • The fully developed fruit is the source of the loofah scrubbing sponge
  • These natural fibers can be softened under water for light exfoliation, or used dry for a more intense treatment (just what my skin was craving!)
Aside from just removing a toxin free faux tan, there are many additional benefits to body exfoliating.
Improves circulation and supports lymphatic drainage
  • This helps aid the body in the process of flushing toxins, chemicals, and other harmful substances located in certain areas of the body.
Improved skin tone and texture
  • By removing the excess skill cells, it allows for soft, fresh, healthy skin to shine through
It unclogs your pores
  • An invigorating scrub can remove any unwanted build up
It stimulates cell turnover
  • By committing to consistent exfoliation, you’re giving your skin the ability to recreate new healthy skin cells faster
Anti-aging benefits
  • Some say that exfoliation can boost collagen stimulation which can slow the signs of aging
I popped them in the amazon shop for you guys to grab a set for yourself! This is hands down the most effective body exfoliant I have ever used!
Happy scrubbing, friends!