BPA in a modern world 🌎

Bisphenol A (known as BPA) is a carbon-based, synthetic compound used in everything from shatter-resistant plastic water and baby bottles and food storage containers…to cash register receipts and canned food and drink liners. It’s even in coffee cans and beer kegs.

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Despite it being literally IMPOSSIBLE to fully avoid, BPA toxic effects are now very well documented in medical literature. And the findings are not appetizing. The science shows this HORMONE-DISRUPTING chemical causes widespread damage throughout our bodies.


The damage can actually linger for generations, impacting an exposed person’s off-spring (and their kids and beyond). With facts like these, it’s clear we need to avoid this chemical like the plague, and work to get it OFF the market!


🚫BPA Toxic Effects & Infertility🚫

•It’s almost impossible to avoid BPA contact because, in addition to being in most packaged food items, it’s an environmental contaminant.
•BPA affects hormone balance and causes male reproductive dysfunction.
•BPA studies have shown that the most at-risk population is fetuses in-utero, a critical developmental stage for the embryo.
•BPA has been found to produce several defects in the embryo, such as feminization of male fetuses, atrophy of the testes and epididymides, increased prostate size, shortening of AGD, disruption of BTB, and alteration of adult sperm parameters (for example, sperm count, motility and density).
•BPA affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis by altering hormones in adults, which has been linked to sperm dysfunction.
•BPA induces oxidative stress in the testis and epididymis, which suggests antioxidant supplementation could help offset some of BPA-induced side effects.
•BPA also prevents proper embryo thyroid development.
•Men occupationally exposed to BPA had high blood/urinary BPA levels, and abnormal semen parameters.
•Men exposed to BPA also displayed reduced libido and erectile ejaculatory difficulties.


🚫How BPA Damages Your Body🚫

•Vitamin D Drain

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to all sorts of health problems, including things like weight gain, cancer, insomnia, arthritis, heart disease, MS and other illnesses

•Obesity Breeder

They found that girls who had a higher urine BPA level were twice as likely to be obese than the average of the other children.

•Erratic Hearts

In 2011, The PLOS One article found BPA actually changed the natural natural heartbeat signaling in female rates. This led to arrhythmia, an erratic beating that sometimes causes sudden cardiac death.

•Pre-Diabetes Trigger

A paper published in Acta Diabetologica highlighted found that regardless of your diet and fitness levels, BPA has been shown to affect glucose metabolism through insulin resistance, pancreatic β-cell dysfunction, adipogenesis, inflammation and oxidative stress.

•Eaten-Away Teeth

Even small doses of the chemical can do unexpected damage. A 2013 French study concluded that low, daily BPA exposures damages tooth enamel.


I think thats more than enough red flags to stay away from plastics and canned foods especially. The most simple ways to avoid extra exposure to BPA is to choose to store foods in glass containers when possible, and if you are stopping for a hot beverage on the go, then remove the plastic right away.