Clean Tea & Shake Swaps

Shopping List For CLEAN “Tea” & “Shake” Swaps

After raining on many parades about how “nutrition shops” are making drinks that are harmful to your health… I did some digging for alternatives!

As an avid water drinking family… I can’t say that I have TRIED these products to vouch for flavor. However, I would be totally comfortable trying them and recommending them to you all based on the ingredients!!

Before I dive in, let me make it known that it is daggum near impossible to find flavor enhancers that do not contain “Natural Flavors” of some kind. I recognize that this is still a labeling loophole, but when the rest of the ingredients are quality and you’re looking for a better option for this type of product… ya just gotta roll with it.

My goal was to round up products that had:

  • Organic ingredients whenever possible 
  • Quality (food based) nutrients instead of synthetics

❌ NO soy based proteins
❌ NO artificial sweeteners

❌ NO artificial dyes
❌ NO artificial flavors
❌ NO unnecessary fillers

I’ve got them separated into different categories for you, some exclusive coupon codes, and I hope you share what you’re trying and loving!!

I will ALWAYS be a proponent of cold pressed raw juices!

You’ll get great fresh flavor + loads of nutrients that your body recognizes and can process immediately! If you’re local, my favorite shops are: JeU Juicery, Clean Juice, and Power Plant Juice Bar

Water Bottles For REAL Fruit Infusions

My faves are in the shop:
Just drop some organic fruit into the little infusion canister and enjoy truly natural flavored waters!

Organic Tea Crystals:

Code LIVINGWELL5 for discount:

Pre-Made Energy:


Earthley Energy Tincture:…/energy-plus…/ref/lily.burns/

Pre-Made Electrolyte Drinks:

Energy Powders:
Organic RED Juice + Free Ship:
Your Super + 10% off “Energy Bomb”:
Energy Tablets:
Nutrient Enhancer:
Flavor/Nutrient Enhancers:
Protein Powders:
Shake Enhancers:
Organic Frozen Fruit: Costco
Organic Dehydrated Fruit/Veggie Mixers + $10 off:
Organic Pudding Mixes (obvi not nutritious, but I’m aiming to provide clean swaps for the products used in the garbage shakes)…
Powdered Organic PB: Costco or Thrive Market
Organic Cacao: Costco or Thrive Market
Organic Chia Seeds: Costco or Thrive Market
Organic Flax: Costco or Thrive Market
MANY of these products are also available on Thrive Market! If you want to save 25% on your order, you can use this link: