Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Review

I have been testing it for almost 4 weeks now and absolutely LOVE it!!

Why? I’ve got a long list of reasons…
– No toxic VOCs from the salon
– Way faster than a trip to the nail salon
– No UV light exposure
– No toxic loose particle minerals
– Totally clean ingredients
– Seriously FAST dry time
– Quick application
– Sturdy performance
– Chip-free wear for up to 2 weeks
– Lots of gorgeous colors
– Vegan
– Non-yellowing to your natural nails
– Made in the USA

This 5 step system is seriously rocking my world!
1️⃣ You prep the nail
2️⃣ You apply your base
3️⃣ *Highly recommend the Ridge Filler for that Gel-Like look*
4️⃣ You apply your colored lacquer
5️⃣ Finish with a shiny or matte top coat and voila… gorgeous nails without compromising your health!


You can get 20% off your first order when you sign up for their emails too! Check them out at: DazzleDry.com