Don’t Be Fooled With Misled Marketing

This is me on most days… fresh faced, wearing whatever is comfy, and dissecting ingredient lists in my office. 

Lately I’ve seen some verrryyy misleading marketing terms floating around social media when it comes to cosmetics and skincare… so here are five major red flags to keep your eyes peeled for as an educated and empowered consumer!


•Be sure to hop on the company websites and look for FULL ingredient lists. Not just “key ingredients”, and not just SOME of the products… consumers have a right to know what they’re applying to their skin.


Terms like “naturally based”, “chemical free”, and even “European standards”…
•They sound great, right? Let’s look closer…
1.) Naturally based isn’t a regulated term and holds no meaning.
2.) Even water is a chemical, my friends.
3.) While it IS true that the EU bans significantly more ingredients than the US, there are still hundreds of toxic ingredients that have the data proving their risks that aren’t restricted there yet. It’s a great educational fact, but it’s not the end all-be all!


Marketing the “banning of XYZ number of ingredients”…
•You guys know I am CRAZY picky about cosmetic ingredients and have wildly high safety standards. I don’t often tout a specific number of ingredients that we blacklist though, because if we listed them all… it would be tens of thousands! Having a specific number can sound impressive, but what it needs to come down to is the ACTUAL ingredient list on the products.

Commonly used toxic ingredients in “naturally” marketed cosmetics…
•Check those labels for: Fragrance/parfum, phenoxyethanol, talc, PEGs, EDTA, BHT, mineral oil, Japanese honeysuckle, grapefruit seed extract, and loose powder titanium dioxide.


•If all of the above criteria checks out and you’re trying to decide between one brand or another… it’s time to look for a few other things.
1.) Is a large percentage of each product formulated with certified organic ingredients?
2.) Do they clearly specify mineral purity? Non-Nano and EcoCert are the most pure and safe options that you can look for.
3.) Are they Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty free?
4.) Do they have EWG Product ratings?
5.) Are they utilizing eco-friendly packaging? Ideally glass or paperboard, but if plastic is being used, check the website to ensure that it’s BPA free.


👉🏼 If you’re new to LWM, this may seem daunting… but I am HERE to help! This is my love, my passion, and the whole reason why this group was founded! Women should not have to sacrifice their health to feel and look their most beautiful!