Dry Brushing

I remember watching my Mama do this when I was a little girl, and it’s something I’ve done on and off since my teen years.

It’s another goal of mine this year to be more consistent with my dry brushing!

What is it?

It’s pretty self explanatory… you use a course bristle body brush and work some magic on your dry skin.

Why do it?

It improves cell regeneration
It stimulates your lymphatic system
It exfoliates the skin
It improves the bodies ability to rid itself of toxic build up
It increases circulation
It helps to break down cellulite
It can unclog pores




How do you do it?

Ensure you’re starting with completely dry skin… no lotions, oils, or residues. Starting at the ankle and applying a firm pressure, use circular motions upwards towards your heart. Avoid your face when dry brushing, and apply more pressure to the larger surface areas (Legs, hips, upper arms, and buns)

How Often?

One to two times a week, prior to a nice hot shower. Followed by a nice toxin free body moisturizer.

Favorite tools:

You can find them relatively inexpensive at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Amazon also has lots of options.

I personally like one that has both bristles, and hard nodules on the other side

Happy brushing, Mamas!