Safe Swap: Face Masks

It’s time to chat about face masks

Because they are all the rage!

They have the ability to do wonders for your skin

And quite frankly, they’re a FUN pampering item!


Many masks give you that “instant” improvement look and feel thanks to the use of penetration enhancing ingredients. Which can be absolutely marvelous… but ONLY if it’s enhancing the penetration of great quality instead of enhancing the penetration of toxins.


Below I found a handful of face mask ingredient lists… all of which come with fancy marketing terms like:


  • “Free of 2500 harmful chemicals.”
  • “Guaranteed clean beauty.”
  • ”Botanically Infused.”
  • “Naturally Based”

Now while that’s not exactly a bold faced lie… it’s also not transparent at all when as you can see I’ve highlighted blacklisted ingredients in these products still.


I can’t say it enough… read those labels


So to safe swap it out here are links to some of my favorite truly safe alternatives:

Detox face mask:…/detox-facial-mask-organic-face-kit-m…
Honey face mask:…/honey-heal-face-mask-soothing-facial…
Raw Cacao face mask:…/organic-raw-cacao-face-mask-sample-a…
Pink clay:…/pr…/pink-clay-exfoliating-mask
Milk and honey:…/cleopatra-restorative-milk-ho…