FD&C Color Pigments

FD&C Color Pigments are the topic of conversation in this evenings empower hour, and I am so grateful they are on Crunchi’s blacklist of ingredients they’ll NEVER use!

Synthetically produced colors are found in many cleansing, beauty products, and foods. They are made from coal tar, which contain toxic heavy metal salts. Commonly known as “artificial coloring” or “dyes”, when these color pigments absorb into skin, they can deplete the body of oxygen. Without oxygen fueling our cells, we have less energy and our bodies don’t function properly.


Additionally, clinical trials have shown synthetic dyes are almost all carcinogenic, and the risk increases when dyes are compiled. Numerous studies have been done using various FD&C pigments to determine their toxicity, and have shown direct correlation with some ugly side effects… a variety of different organ tumor growth (too sad to list here), organ damage, birth defects, nerve cell damage, hypersensitivity and hyperactivity.


Very commonly found in: Foundation, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss, lipstain, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, sunless tanner.