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Disclaimer: I personally cannot recommend consistent support of these big box companies. Voting with your dollars is what creates change, and you know how passionate I am about shopping small businesses!
But I totally understand how nice it is to not waste a gift card, or being able to make a quick run to the store every so often when you run out of something… When shopping at beauty stores, it’s most important to not just trust marketing. Many brands are frivolously using “Clean”, “Conscious”, and “Safe”… when they’ve set the bar to earn these claims so, so, sooo low.
There is NO need to compromise and choose “mediocre”, friends!
All that to say, let’s take a look at same safe Ulta & Sephora options (these are all online options, and in store options may be different based on location)
Bath & Body Works Gift Cards

You’re on your detox journey, steadily working to reduce your toxic exposure…You saw the 13 page reports listing the VAST dangers of the fragrance used in B&BW products (including birth defects, and respiratory diseases)…

And then BAM.  You’re hit with a gift card!

Well meaning friends and family simply may not have the same awareness as you, so what to do from here?

I have bad news and I have good news…

The bad news is that there is not one single candle, lotion, air freshener, body spritz, hand sanitizer, or fragranced product in general that I would feel comfortable suggesting. The toxicity risk is farrrrr too high!


Good news!! I just learned that they have THE cutest candle holders and I am obsessed!


You can use safe candle companies to fill the holder, and have a beautifully decorative & totally safe home fragrance enhancer this way!

My personal safe candle faves to acompany your new holders:

Want to just shop LWM pre-approved products? I got your back there too…

♡ To snag your toxin-free masterlist:
♡ To shop truly clean beauty, body, and baby:
♡ To shop the Amazon store:

Live well, my friends