Green Shake Recipe


☘️ I’ve never had the infamous Shamrock Shake

But I have read the ingredient label…

And it made me feel green – hahaha!


Today our family is having a green shake loaded with organic superfoods, antioxidants, nutrients, and immune system boosters!

This one filled up two big glasses this size, and two smaller ones for the boys!

••Two organic frozen bananas chunked up

📌 We always buy an extra bundle just to chunk up and freeze in a stasher bag

••A cup of organic frozen pineapple

📌 Costco has the best value around here

••About half a cup of homemade vanilla cashew cream

📌 Use the search bar here and type in “Cashew Cream” for the recipe

••A splash of home squeeze OJ

📌 This was solely because one of the boys left it at the table from breakfast 😂

••A spoonful of vitality blend organic mushrooms


•• A heaping tablespoon of organic wheatgrass, barley grass, baobab, Moringa, spirulina and chlorella

📌 Super Greens powder found here:


☘️ Happy Sippin’, Mamas!