Greenwashed Alert

This one might hit hard for some Mamas… and for that, I’m so sorry. You know my heart is always to educate, enlighten, inform, and empower you to be a conscious consumer!

There are thousands of brands out there that use misleading marketing to make people believe their products are safe. It’s such a bummer that we can’t trust what the front of a product says, since no governing body is regulating that, but that’s where I come in to help you…

Is this the absolute worst (cough, J&J, cough)… Noooo.
❗️But are they using ingredients that I would passionate suggest avoiding… Yessss.


So what’s the fuss?

✖️Single Use Plastics (that are not specified as BPA free) — Not only does this just toss bulky plastics into a landfill, but if lined with BPA – that endocrine disrupter can leach into your precious babies products

✖️Japanese Honeysuckle is their preservative of choice #1 — This is concerning because even though it sounds very safe, JH has almost identical molecular structure to a paraben. Parabens are the #1 most concerning ingredient in personal care products linked to various forms of cancer, hormonal imbalance, and reproductive concerns. It simply isn’t worth the risk as they continue to research its effects on the body.
✖️Grapefruit Seed Extract is their preservative of choice #2 — Again, sounds so safe right? While GSE in its pure form is safe… third party tests have shown that during the process of extraction when used as a preservative, it becomes contaminated with Methylparaben, Triclosan, and Benzethonium Chloride. All three are incredibly toxic ingredients and likely the reason why it’s able to be used as an effective preservative.
✖️Phenoxyethanol is their preservative of choice #3 — Linked to neurotoxicity… it’s an absolute NO in my book.
✖️PEGs, Ethoxylated Compounds, and Propylene Glycol were also spotted in some products.


✅ The good news is, I can PROMISE you a safe, high quality, incredibly effective swap for ANY Tubby Todd product you’ve been using. Just drop it in the comments, and I’ll give you some choices!

Lastly, I looked at *every* single ingredient list (on 4/26/21) and there were a few that were safe. So if you have these specific items, no need to pitch them! These were the only products that I would feel comfortable using/recommending:

  • Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste
  • Organic Chest Rub
  • Baby Massage Oil
  • Nipple Balm

I’m proud of you for being here, for having a desire to learn, and for choosing what YOU believe is best for your family!!

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