Greenwashing at its finest

Years ago I would have been thrilled to see this “Purity” mini face cleanser in the checkout line at Nordstrom! Just take a look see at that front label, It looks so sleek and the wording is enticing. Resembles something that a consumer would think is simple, safe, and natural.


Now the first thing I do is flip it over and decipher the ingredient label. What a disappointment to see not just one… but 5 Blacklisted ingredients that have substantial research proving their dangers and Crunchi has felt it necessary to promise our consumers it will NEVER be found in our products. A quick scan on the Think Dirty app will also showcase that it rates an 8 on a toxicity level.


Being able to identify even just a handful of the “heavy hitters” is crucial to being able to choose truly safe products for your skin and your body. You’ll typically see them as the last few ingredients on a label, and in this case it’s 

🚫Polysorbate 20 


🚫 Propelparaben 

🚫Imidazolidinyl Urea 

🚫 Synthetic yellow dye.

Please feel free to utilize the search bar to learn more about why those ingredients are ones to avoid!

When you know better, you can do better! 💪🏼