Greenwashing in Baby Products

I was so happy and then so sad with this ad gracing my newsfeed today…


“Half the ingredients. More to love.” brought me to google and find that there are so many awesome articles talking about J&J revamping their formulas to NO longer include synthetic dyes, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, parabens, SLS, or the known carcinogen dioxins (which their formulas have always contained)🙌🏼 A massive step in the right direction!


Sadly, the new and improved formulas now include phenoxyethanol, which has been blacklisted from day one, and even the FDA has acknowledged its negative impact on the nervous system for children specifically! In a line up with other ingredients we blacklist, it’s absolutely not a product that I would ever feel comfortable recommending for baby care.


My personal favorites for my babes have always been:
🌱 Poofy Organics
🌱 Earth Mama Organics
🌱 Dr. Bronners Baby

Certified organic ingredients, nothing risky, reasonably priced, and totally safe for our most precious gifts 👶 Read those labels, mamas!