Happy National Bosses Day

I can’t believe I let National Bosses Day pass me by without showing my boss a little love

She didn’t even look at my resume

She lets me create my I own schedule

She lets me work in my jammies as much as I want

She doesn’t mind if I work from my bed, my couch, my office, a coffee shop, the park, or even the passenger seat of hubs truck on the way to a family adventure

She never makes me leave my boys

She doesn’t put a ceiling on what I can earn

She encourages dance parties, snacks, and the occasional organic marg on the job

She always has my families best interest at heart

She is me.


Being my own boss was one of THE best decisions I’ve ever made and I am endlessly grateful to teach other women how to be their own boss too!
There’s never been a better time to explore a partnership with the clean beauty movement, my friends, and Benevolent Beginnings will share all the basics with you… then I’m here to answer the rest of your questions