Healthier Hot Chocolate

My boys and I looooove some hot cocoa on a cold day!

Thankfully ever since they were little, I could create a healthier homemade version that they didn’t turn their noses up to.


There’s nothing that beats a convenient pre-made mix though, am I right?! So lets start by taking a look at what you’ll usually find in stores…
Why not conventional hot chocolate mix?

You guessed it… it’s just chemical soup. Most contain…
🚫 Artificial flavors
🚫 “Natural” flavors (which don’t have to be natural to be labeled as such)
🚫 Artificial sugars (even when not labeled sugar free)
🚫 No organic ingredients (risking pesticide/herbicide/and added dairy hormones)

We can do better, right Mamas?!

Cleaner pre-made mixes:
▪️Equal Exchange Chocolates
▪️Wildly Organic Hot Chocolate Mix
▪️Nib More Organic Drinking Chocolate
▪️365 Organic Hot Cocoa

>>All linked up here in the amazon shop for you

Pre-made mixes + Superfoods:
▪️Your Super – Chocolate Lover
▪️Hot Cocoa-Shroom Elixir
▪️Four Sigmatic – Cacao Mushroom Mix
▪️Botanic – Reishi Hot Chocolate

>>All linked up here in the amazon shop for you

Homemade Recipe:
▪️Homemade vanilla cashew mylk –  Recipe Linked Here
▪️Organic Vanilla
▪️Organic cacao powder
▪️A drizzle of maple syrup
We just wing it with our measurements and keep taste testing until its perfect
Happy sipping, Mamas!