Helpful Resources

Are you ready to build your toxin free tool belt for 2019!?

I’ve accumulated my vast love for ingredient knowledge throughout my entire life but there are multiple resources that are quick and efficient to cross check as you begin or expand your toxin free lifestyle! Of course, I’m always just a PM away if you’d like an extra set of eyes on a product label too.

Many people ask me what products they should switch first or where they should start? My answer is always that one  should start with items you’re family uses the most or daily. 


Feel empowered to make toxin free changes for your family by using the following resources:

1️⃣ My company’s Blacklist is the FIRST place I start. We are extremely picky on cleanliness AND performance. Each ingredient is backed by scientific research! 🙌🏻 Link posted in comments.

2️⃣ (Pro tip: search the ingredient name you’re looking for followed by EWG in google and it will probably bring up the exact research page you’re looking for!) This website is not full proof but will give you a fantastic opportunity to learn further about your products and ingredients. Crunchi products are all on the EWG site and I’m proud to say they are ranked 0-2!

3️⃣ Think Dirty App – this resource is also not full proof BUT you can scan product labels and get a ranking of 0-9. I try to stay within 0-2.

4️⃣ – this website gives a lot of scientific information on products, stores, labels, and ingredients as their mission is Breast Cancer Prevention. Crunchi is now a partner with this awesome mission! 👏🏻

5️⃣ – another great article/research based resource.

6️⃣ & – break down nutrients and ingredients through articles that are backed by research.

7️⃣ – actual scientific studies