Back to SPF, my friends! What is Homosalate?

This is another widely used chemical found in traditional sunscreens and skin care products with SPF. Homosalate absorbs short-wave UVB rays associated with DNA damage and increased risk of skin cancer.

This doesn’t seem like an issue, right? Sooo… what makes Homosalate so harmful?


🚫 Homosalate is an endocrine disruptor that impacts the estrogen system in particular. Studies showed Homosalate use led to 3.5 times more human breast cancer cell growth and multiplication. 

🚫 Homosalate has been shown to impact the androgen and progesterone systems in cell cultures.

🚫 Homosalate and other cosmetic filters have been identified in human breast milk samples. One study of 54 mother-child pairs found that 85.2% of their breast milk samples had chemical UV filters!

🚫 Homosalate’s estrogenic activity has been observed in human placental tissues 

🚫 Craziest of all… Homosalate has been shown to enhance the amount of pesticides we absorb through our skin!! A study found that mice wearing Homosalate-containing sunscreen in combination with pesticides containing DEET had increased absorption of herbicide 2.4-D 


Homosalate also goes by Homomenthyl Salicylate, HMS, HS; 3,3,5-trinethyl-cyclohexyl-salicylate on ingredient labels… so keep your eyes peeled ladies! Commonly found and used in brands like: Coppertone, Bananaboat, Neutragena, and Equate.


Now that we have a better understanding of why avoiding chemical sunscreen is so important, stay tuned for more details on the GOOD ones to swap to!