Immune System Support

Keep washing those hands, keep loving on your friends and family, and keep being good to your neighbors…

But if you’re also looking to rev up your living well life, here are our families tried and true tips for strong immune system function.

C H E C K   Y O U R   S T R E S S
Research clearly outlines a dramatic decrease in your body’s ability to fight disease when under stress. Turn off the news, read a good book, meditate, pray, grounding, social media break… whatever you need to do to reduce your overwhelm is going to be vital to your wellbeing. I also love this herbal blend for adrenal support: B L I S S M E

C L E A R   Y O U R   N E R V O U S   S Y S T E M
Your spine is the house for your spinal cord… which is the house for your central nervous system. Your brain sends signals to EVERY part of your body through your nervous system. If your vertebra is misaligned due to shift, tilt, or rotation, then the nerves can’t fluidly send their appropriate signals. Go see your chiropractor, friends.

M O V E   T H A T   B O D Y
It’s no secret that exercise improves your quality of life.

Now is not the time to be fueling with ramen, cupcakes, and cheese puffs, my friends. We strive to further improve our diets when we recognize the potential for stress. For our family, this looks like…

V E R Y   L I M I T E D
✖️Processed Sugars
✖️Processed Grains
✖️Conventional Dairy

🥬 Organic greens
🍓 Organic berries
🍹 Homemade smoothies
🍇 Organic superfood powders
🥕 Fresh pressed vegetable juices
Because even organic foods are not as nutritious as they once were, we will also support our bodies with additional remedies…

A potent anti viral, anti final, and anti bacterial. We chop up a raw organic clove, let it rest for 10 minutes, then eat on spoon with some raw honey.


Listen, I get it… we’re programmed to believe that Clorox, Lysol, antibacterial soap, and chemical based hand sanitizers are going to save the day. I’m here to speak truth, and let you know that their are toxin free solutions available that will not compromise your health the way those will. We want your body to stay strong, right? Don’t give it one more thing to fight against with a conglomeration of chemicals linked to a myriad of health concerns. All your toxin free needs can be found in the masterlist found here.

💦 H Y D R A T E
Half your weight in ounces of clean drinking water daily to continue to flush toxins is what we aim for

😴 R E S T
I’m listing this one for myself as much as anyone else, haha! Getting adequate sleep is an imperative part of allowing your body to repair, restrengthen, and be restored for a new day.

Whenever we are in the midst of circumstances outside of our control, I always remind my boys to focus on what we CAN control… which is our mindsets, our efforts, and our attitudes.


Live well, friends