Littles 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

I am absolutely obsessed with the ingredient list…
I am so grateful for the third party testing
I am in love with the zero waste packaging
I am going wild for the adorable branding…

But let’s talk about the PERFORMANCE of the brand new Crunchi 3-in-1 Little’s Bathtime Bar, shall we?

Size: 3.5 Ounces
Perfect for kids hands, but can also easily be sliced in half (or smaller) after a few seconds warmed up in a toaster oven and cut with a sharp knife.

Intended Use: Body, Hair, and Face
This is a versatile 3-in-1 Little’s product. The “3” is intended for body, hair, and face. If your child has long locks, I would still follow up with a conditioner though since this is just a cleanser. It gives me baby fever to think about using this on a newborn (perfectly safe for), but even my almost 10 year old loved it!

Smell: Delightful
There are NO fragrance enhancers/ingredients in this bar. We chose to only have the raw organic materials that nourish and cleanse the skin. Thankfully, these materials do have a nice scent to them! Nobles words were, “It smells nice but not like it would ever give someone a headache.” Hahaha (he is his mothers son)

Texture: Heavenly
We honestly cannot get over how BUTTERY this bar is. It really is magically soft, velvety, and smooth. The boys skin felt softer than it ever has when they were done washing up. It lathered beautifully and created a great sudsy experience!

Investment: Only $12
My jaw HIT THE FLOOR at this price point. EVERY single ingredient in this bar is certified organic, with the exception of “Water” and “Tocopheral” (which is non-GMO sunflower derived vitamin E)… Why aren’t they? Because those two ingredients cannot be certified organic – it’s impossible.

Longevity: Varies
I would say you can expect this bar to last between 2-5 months for one individual. Of course it’ll depend on how often it is used, and how it is stored. You definitely want to ensure that it does not stay under running water when its not in use, and I grabbed the boys these super cute animal shaped SoapLifts from etsy to store theirs after use:

End of life: NO waste
Unlike allllllllll other clean baby products I’ve recommended in the past, this 3-in-1 bar does NOT result in a bulky plastic bottle being tossed into a landfill

I personally think this makes SUCH a perfect:

  • Easter Basket Addition
  • New Mama Gift
  • Shaving bar (for me! It’s sooo velvety)
  • Skin cleanser for anyone with suuuuper sensitive skin
  • Toxin free AND waste free alternative to every baby/kids product I have ever used to cleanse the boys!

To snag your Littles bar, head over to!