Know Better, Do Better

I haven’t always been comfortable in my own skin…

A decade ago, there is no chance you’d find me on social media without makeup.

I’m talking Z E R O chance.


But overtime I realized I wasn’t the only one…
– Who was experiencing angry skin due to hormonal imbalances
– Who was looking for easy “Mom-style” makeup tips
– Who was longing for community

And that’s when the direct sales industry came into my life 

Then as more time passed…
– I became comfortable sharing the a struggle bus of my skin
– I shared more about my life, my heart, my journey
– And then I learned that the toxic endocrine disrupters, heavy metals, and carcinogens IN my makeup were playing the biggest role in that angry skin


Know better… do better, right?

This industry forced me to G R O W, and I am so grateful.

Education became my main focus from that point on, and every day since then I can honestly say that I LOVE my skin.

Is it always perfect? No way. You can tell by this photo.

But the only things that cause upset now is stress (hello, moving), and hormones (hello, period)… no more 24/7 pain.
And the performance of my products only got BETTER when I switched to toxin free

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