Label Reading App In Development

You may have heard the good news already…


I am working 1:1 with an independent developer to create a simple, user-friendly, reliable Label Reading APP!

Story time, hang with me…
I never use or recommend the two that exist currently, EWG and ThinkDirty, for quite a few reasons…

  1. They contain sooo many discrepancies
  2. Not all ratings are independent. Brands can invest BIG bucks to have a magnifying glass on their products (and then the ratings change)
  3. “Verified” products often still contain ingredients I wouldn’t ever recommend having in your home
  4. They are simply NOT up to date with many products/SKEWs as formulas change

I spend a silly amount of time educating on why the product “ratings” are incorrect from these apps

💡 So because I never use them, I forget what a pain they are. Then when a sweet friend shared her frustration, and an idea for something that actually WORKED, it was like a lightbulb went off!

On any given day, I have anywhere between 25-100+ ingredient labels in my inbox or pending for review here.

I love, seriously LOVE, to label read for you Mama’s. I am so grateful that you trust me to help select the cleanest, safest products for you and your families.

But my response time is getting longer and longer… it’s simply not scalable for the other things I want to be able to help you all with… and I want you to feel like you have a little LWM Brain in your pocket whenever you need it!

✅ If you’re in store, in front of a label
✅ If you’re online shopping, and can pull the ingredient list


So here’s what I know for sure…

  • It will be available in all major App stores
  • It will take roughly 6 months to complete
  • It will have an itty bitty one time fee attached
  • There will not be a monthly fee/subscription
  • It will launch as a resource primarily for personal care products
  • The vision is to expand into other genres down the road… Pantry food labels, cleaning products, etc.
  • I don’t want it to be too LWM Branded/Exclusive… that way my amazing teammates can use and share it as a trustworthy resource without concern of forwarding their network to me

I love you, Mamas!