Less Isn’t Always More

Every so often I see a post like this circulate…

A post from a brand rep that claims a superior product because it uses LESS ingredients than other brands.

🗣 “Our products only have 11 ingredients!”
🗣 “Less is more! Choose safe products with short ingredient lists!”
🗣 “Only 12 ingredients — making us cleaner/safer than XYZ brand!”

I get it… I like simple…
Simple CAN be really good…

But simple has nothing to do with toxicity/safety levels.
It never fails that when I dive into these short n’ sweet ingredient labels they reveal…
✖️Zero certified organic ingredients
❌Colorants that haven’t been tested for heavy metals
✖️Beeswax (that isn’t organic or verified humanely sourced)
✖️Bismuth oxychloride

Less isn’t more when its just toxic sludge, can I get an amen?!
Now, are there some simple formulas out there that ARE clean?! I’m absolutely sure that there are! If you need help reading labels of ANY length… long or short… I got your back, Mama!


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