Let’s Dissect Some Labels

Recently, the product line Attitude Living made some label modifications and many conscious consumers were alarmed by what initially appeared to be a reformulation.

Ugh… “fragrance” hit the label and we all went 😩🥺😭

But upon further investigation, I am thrilled to say that I see this as a very positive change! And you know that if I was unimpressed by a label change, I’d drop em like a sack of potatoes without thinking twice.

According to their corporate team, their formulas have not changed AT ALL! The reason for the new label addition is the EWG required that they align with labeling laws in the USA and add the word “fragrance” since they have scent enhancers in their products (which we all already knew – that fresh orange zest doesn’t come outta nowhere)…

So instead of just seeing what we did before “raspberry ketones”, “Vanilla Absolute”, “almond extract” etc… What you’ll see now see is ingredients like: gamma-undecalatone*, isoamyl butyrate*, or dimethyl heptenal*.
Each fragrance ingredient has an * next to it to indicate that it is what provides the products their fragrance. They’re now listing EVERYTHING that makes up their scents instead of using umbrella terms like before.


So in less words… they became MORE transparent, not more vague!

Keep in mind, not all synthetics are toxic… and even natural scent enhancers can have scary sounding names.
I’m here for this change and appreciate being able to see the specific constituents of their scent enhancers now!

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