Lipgloss vs. Lipstick

And all of them have links to being cancer causing carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, or organ system toxicants.

I’m so grateful to have SAFE, high performance, and eco-friendly options to share!

You’ve seen my love for gloss a lot lately while we work to reformulate our lipsticks… buuuuut you’re going to want to be on the lookout for that incredibly exciting restock sometime later this month!

Lipgloss Pros:

  • Never sticky shine
  • Subtly sweet flavor from organic vanilla
  • Buildable pigmentation
  • Easy to quick sweep on on the go
  • Super hydrating

Lipstick Pros:

  • Long wear time
  • Very versatile pigmentation = build it up strong or blot it to be more subtle
  • Satiny smooth finish
  • Super nourishing
  • Much easier to get a bold look
  • Can be made matte with some finishing powder
  • Can give you endless color combos when layered with gloss

Tell me, Mamas… which do you prefer?!

Most of us have a loyal favorite, right!?

I personally gravitate towards glosses in the spring/summer, and then swap to lipsticks in the fall/winter!

But lets look at some important ingredient education…
It has been said that women can end up eating a few pounds of lipstick over their lifetime. Making it EXTRA important that you’re choosing safe options because it’s not just absorbed through our porous skin… it’s ingested!

Lip products typically contain some ugly ingredient offenders like…
✖️ Petroleum
✖️ Synthetic Fragrances/Flavors
✖️ Mineral Oil
✖️ Phenoxyethanol
✖️ Parabens
✖️ BHT
✖️ Artificial Dyes
✖️ Heavy Metals (alongside mineral pigments)