Safe Swap: Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are wildly popular as a quick, easy, and effective alternative to glue + lash strips and lash extensions.
From a safety stand point, I’m sure everyone here raises an eyebrow at first about magnetic eyeliner, am I right? So let’s discuss…
What makes the eyeliner magnetic?
The use of iron oxides. Iron oxides CAN absolutely be safe and effective for pigmentation, but they can also be contaminated with unsafe heavy metals like lead, aluminum and mercury.
The only way to ensure their safety is by obtaining them from an EcoCert/Internationally Approved facility before manufacturing, or doing some independent third party testing after formulation.
I’ve done a lot of digging, researched dozens of brands, and so far… I’m coming up completely empty handed when it comes to finding brand that would verify the use of high quality iron oxides.
In fact, the vast majority of brands do NOT disclose the ingredients in their eyeliner at all. Most options are incredibly vague, and only discuss the “safety” but have a complete lack of transparency when it comes to what is actually IN the magnetic liner.
Out of the brands that did disclose, I was able to find a flew of toxic ingredients that of course I suggest avoiding…
 Propylene Glycol
 Carbon Black
 Formaldehyde Releasers
And then there’s the cruelty free aspect. With most lash options being “natural”, it means they’re most often created with mink.
So when it comes down to it… I can’t say that I would feel 100% confident using anything I have found so far. Maybe for a special occasion… but even then I would be hesitant.
 I’ll personally stick to my New Mascara which is giving me the long, strong, healthy lashes of my dreams:
 Double magnetic lashes that adhere to each other with no liner required. Ardell makes some readily available to try but I haven’t been able to identify anywhere what they’re made from/cruelty free aspect
 True Glue Brand silk lashes and toxin free glue:
 And of course, when we’re safely able to get our lash fix again, I’d be happy to direct you to the best gal around who I loved working with when I had individual lash extensions.