My Hair Routine

This post makes me laugh because I mostly certainly don’t think of myself as an expert in hair care or styling… but ask and you shall receive, my friends!

Everything listed here is easily shopable in the amazon storefront so you don’t have to hunt around:



I have been loving Onesta as a salon professional line with cleanER ingredients. The ingredient list on amazon is incorrect, but they do utilize a naturally derived (rapeseed) PEG. If you would prefer a 100% clean option, I can point you in the right direction but I have personally always had a performance sacrifice. I’m always on the lookout for new brands to try that can eliminate that naturally derived PEG, I promise!



Same as above… I personally alternative between both the thickening and the moisturizing varieties



I use the eco-wet brush out of the shower and when I dry my hair


Volumizing Spray/Heat Protectant

This one isn’t available on Amazon, so here is the link. A little goes a long way!


Round Brush

I use the round brush for my bangs

Blow Dryer

BabyLiss Pro

Flat Iron

Also BabyLiss Pro – I like a nice thin one so I can get right to my scalp

Curling Wand

I use the Paul Mitchell 3-in-1 and most often the 1 inch barrel

Hair Mask

I use Onesta every couple of weeks or if my hair is feeling dry

Frizz Tamer

Leftover Smart Primer from what’s on my fingers while I’m doing my makeup!

I don’t typically use hairspray but there are some options in the amazon shop for ya!

Daily supplements to promote healthy hair – I really feel like these are a game changer for me!
Collagen Gummies
Biotin Gummies


Let me know if you have any additional questions, my friends!