My Lash Diary

My Lash Diary…

11/16/18 •• Lash Extensions On
3/3/20 •• Lash Extensions Removed

I. Am. Obsessed. With. Big. Bold. Lashes!

I always have been, my friends! Ever since I started wearing mascara, I would layer a minimum of 3 various brands onto my little lashes to get my desired look, haha! I know it’s not for everyone.. but mannnn… it was for ME!

When transitioning my entire makeup bag to toxin free products… the ONLY thing that I really missed was that voluptuous lash look and I wasn’t able to achieve it with what was toxin free on the market.

So I got lash extensions and LOVE LOVE LOVED them! I have the best lash-gal who was quick, efficient, and affordable… but when Shattered Mascara launched I was feeling ready to let them go and give my natural lashes a little extra TLC.

So I had Christie remove them and I am SO glad she did, opposed to me trying to myself or waiting for them to fall out. I didn’t lose any of my natural lashes during the process, and she took great care of me as always!

I knew going into the appointment that I was going to leave feeling like a potato sack. I’ve had hair extensions before and it feels the same way when they’re out… you just get used to the extra length and volume so naturally its going to be an odd adjustment.

Yesterday was a funny combination of depressing and exhilarating, hahaha! I was so excited to see my little baby lashes (top photo) and made a decision to give them 3 solid days before I tried to curl, or apply mascara to them.

Well, that didn’t last 24 hours. I couldn’t wait to see how Shattered looked on them so I veryyyy gently curled them with our curler (middle photo), and applied a few coats of Shattered to them (bottom photo).

It was ALMOST like riding a bike… I was like “What on earth am I even doing?” as I applied my mascara, but I am blown away at how much of a difference there is in the bottom two… especially given the fact that my lashes are undetectable in the top photo! I can tell my technique will improve with each application and I loooove how smoothly it glides on!

The three products that I am rotating through to love on my lashes with are:

I have all the confidence in the world that I’ll be growing some long, strong, healthy lashes and I 100% do NOT feel like having extensions caused me to lose or even thin out my natural lashes… just an adjustment period as they re-lengthen and strengthen!