My Toxin Free Masterlist

This quote resonates with me. I AM irrationally passionate about helping you choose toxin-free products for your skin, body, and home. For better or worse, it’s my obsession! 
Yesterday we hit some obstacles, and had to find some real fast work-arounds with the shopping links on this Master-List project that I have been SO excited about!!
The perfectionist in me struggled hard with wondering if I should…


  1. Delay the launch or…
  2. Launch it with a less-beautified workaround


Ultimately, getting YOU all the easy shopping links won the internal debate and you’re getting the work around
Imperfect Action > Inaction!
So for those of you who signed up as LWM Insiders by using this link: – you will be getting an email later this morning that has a link…
That link takes you directly to the work-around! A website page that is simple, shopable, and holds a lonnnnng list of toxin-free goodness! 
You can click on each individual item and it will take you right to where you can get the product!
You will also see a “Download a copy” button at the top! THAT beautiful download is what was originally supposed to be sent to you via email buuuuut… technology threw us an unexpected hurdle.
All you insiders will also get a sneak peak at some behind the scenes work on the blog – but hang with me… there is A LOT more to come in the future!
Happy detoxed shopping, my friends!! I look forward to your constructive feedback!