New Year, New Candles

My favorite clean candle company launched some new signature scents this morning, and of course I have a discount code for you all!

Use LIVINGWELL10 at checkout to save 10%

Seriously, how scrumptious do these sound?! (Runs to checkout)

🔸SURF – Fresh salt air collides with warm and luxurious Caribbean teakwood with spicy top notes of ginger blossom, sandalwood and aged suede.
🔸DUSK – A mysterious and sophisticated crisp air on a clear night. Seducing aromas of salty oceanic accords with an undercurrent of amber with a masculine dark musk and perfect hint of feminine geranium & sweet plum.
🔸SALT AIR – Salty sea air dances along a coastline filled with bright, fresh wildflowers creating a light and airy freshness to any space.
🔸COASTAL BOHO – Embrace the bohemian free spirit with scents of sweet apple and tart red currant combined with an airy ozone. Luscious black currant and blackberries with warm base notes of anise & light hints of patchouli essential oils.

2 other exciting things to note:

🙌🏼 They have restocked some of their old signature scents (like endless weekend… sooo good!)
🙌🏼 You’ll also notice a discount on the Winter Candles tab! Very Merry & Prelude are our family favorites!

Enjoy, Mamas!