Does Perfume Impact Embryo Development?

I had this image sent to me a few times, but there was never a source to verify it’s accuracy…

Today I finally got around to a quick DuckDuckGo search and I am floored (and elated) that there are a LOT of sources, medical professionals, and studies that back this up.
Not only is this true for the scientists in the labs, but it’s also on many recommendation lists for patients receiving treatment…

❌No perfume for you or your partner
❌No scented deodorant
❌No artificially scented laundry detergent
❌No scented candles in your home
❌No new home painting projects
❌No cleaning products

You guys! This is HUGE!

How is this not shouted from the rooftops for ALL women prenatal and post natal!?


Acknowledging the dangerous impact that VOCs (volatile organic compounds) have for both Mama AND baby is essential and often overlooked.
❓Planning to conceive?
❓Attempting to conceive?
❓Pregnant as you read this?
❓Just wanting to make better choices?
❓Know someone in any of those categories?

I can assure you that ALL recommendations I provide will not expose you to harmful VOCs.

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Know better 🥰 Do better