Deluxe Laundry Essentials Bundle


A deal TOO good to keep to myself!
Many of you you know about our sincere LOVE for this laundry system!

I just got notified of an insanely good deal that MGF created for us, and shopping this specific link will get you allllllll of this:

Refillable Forever Laundry Wash Jug
+ 50 Signature Scent Laundry Wash Loads (smells like Tide without the toxic VOCs)
Refillable Forever Laundry Rinse Jug
+ 50 Final Rinse Loads (clean fabric softener swap)
Refillable Enzyme Jar
+ 50 Enzyme Stain Removing Loads (like an oxyclean)
Reusable Dryer Angel
+ 30 Scent Boosting Dryer Loads (replaces toxic dryer sheets)
Laundry Machine Cleaner
Give your washer the cleanse it needs to recover from those harsh chemicals (one of my FAVORITE products)
Stain Stick
Fight those most stubborn stains (I have some before and after pics here that blow my mind)

BONUS | Signature Scent Laundry Wash (100 FREE Loads!)
BONUS | Laundry Tote!
BONUS | Laundry Room Dirty Dozen Guide
BONUS | Mystery Gift
BONUS | FREE Shipping
Total Value $176
Today Only: $49.00 using this link:

This totally overhauls your laundry room products and creates a detox that the WHOLE family benefits from!