Safe Swap: Plug-ins

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In my 31 years of life, I have never lived in a home with scent plug-ins. I’m so thankful to have been privy to understanding just how incredibly toxic artificial fragrances can be from a very young age. 

The fragrance industry is unique because they are NOT required to disclose what creates their scents. Third party testing has proven that over 3,000 harmful chemicals can hide in this loophole….
✖️ Known carcinogens
✖️✖️ Known respiratory stressors
✖️✖️✖️ Known endocrine disrupters
✖️✖️✖️✖️ Known neurotoxins

Some companies DO choose to be transparent with their fragrance constituents, and like all things… not 100% of synthetics are toxic.

Transparency and an eye for toxins are the key here.

Today, I come baring good news! One of our LWM groupies recently messaged me wanting a second set of eyes on the ingredients for this family business creating scent plug in’s.

I wasn’t hopeful.
I’ve looked at sooo mannnny “clean” fragrances only to be disappointed.
But alas – this time I was pleasantly surprised!!

I have not personally SMELLED any of these, since I’m not a plug-in type of gal, but the ingredients ARE clean!

Some other benefits:
✔️Free shipping over $10
✔️Customizable kits
✔️Auto-shipment refills
✔️No hassle returns
🛍 Check them out here: