Safe Swap: Band-Aids

Spring time is officially here Which means the season of bruised up legs and constantly scraped up knees and elbows for my rough and tumble boys!

They don’t often let me bandage them up anymore, but when they do it’s important to me that we’re being mindful of what’s going on their skin and if it’s going to be a wise decision for our environment as well.

So let’s break it down a bit from a sustainability standpoint first…

Band-Aids are most often made from PLASTIC. The adhesive sheet of a band-aid is usually made from either PVC, polyethylene, or polyurethane, so they are a single use plastic item that does NOT break down. Why don’t these tiny pieces of thin plastic ever biodegrade?

Polyurethane is petroleum-based and is the same compound found in the chemical-laden mattresses, pillows, carpet padding, and furniture.

Polyethylene is considered a “safe” plastic, however the process of manufacturing it requires industrial chemicals including benzene, butane, and vinyl acetate, making the process itself far from eco-friendly.

The third substance often used to make band-aids is PVC (polyvinyl chloride aka vinyl) which is the most toxic plastic for human health and environmental health. Vinyl releases a plethora of dangerous chemicals… most frequently, dioxins and lead.

Most importantly to me, what makes most plastics flexible are the group of chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are known endocrine disrupters and have links to reproductive cancers. They’re in soooo many things in our environment, products, and homes… so whenever I can eliminate it from my children’s life… you better believe that I WILL.


Good news… there are safe alternatives!

Patch Organic Biodegradable Bandage Strips are our favorite for performance, our environment, and our health.


I love that they offer ones that come with

  • Activated Charcoal
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut Oil
So different bandages can be used to promote healing for abrasions, burns & blisters, bites & splinters, or just scratches. Made with Sustainable Organic Bamboo for the strip and the gauze, and a mineral-based adhesive, these are great for sensitive ski!


PATCH Values:

  • Biodegradable
  • BPA Free
  • Compostable
  • Fragrance Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Responsible packaging
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Sulfate Free
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Triclosan Free
  • Vegan