Safe Swap: Bras


I would venture to say that breast cancer is a disease that has impacted the majority of us in some way. With 1-8 women being diagnosed in their lifetime… it hits too close to home… for every home.

I read some reports recently that shared stats that really rocked me though. I am not a medical heath professional, but found this to be fascinating enough to pass along in conjunction with some practical tips.

You ready for this?
  • Bra-free women have the same incidence rate of breast cancer as men.
  • And in a report titled “Dressed to Kill”, it was discovered that wearing a bra for 12 hours daily increased the risk for breast cancer, cystic breasts, breast pain, breast tenderness and other breast related conditions.
  • Ladies who had bras on for 18-24 hours daily have over a 100% increased incidence of breast cancer compared to those who don’t wear bras at all.


Yiiiiiikes, right?!

Of course, like most everything, you’ll find conflicting information. But this really makes sense to me…

Plain and simple:

Bras, especially underwire, choke your lymphatic system.
Lymphatic impairment = immune impairment.
Immune impairment = increased risk of cancer development.

We also rely on the lymphatic system to help flush any toxins we consume from our polluted air, water contaminants, food, medications, and topically absorbed carcinogenic ingredients. These things cannot effectively be flushed away from the breast tissue when the breasts are constricted by bras… creating a concentration of toxicity in the breast tissue.


So let’s look at some solution oriented options:

  • Eliminate topical toxins – especially deodorant/antiperspirant (this is my area of expertise, I’m here to help!)
  • Always sleep bra-less, in a loose t shirt, or a stretchy camisole
  • Choose a bra withOUT underwire when possible
  • Always choose a bra that fits properly – you shouldn’t have red marks on your skin when you take it off
  • Try to only wear a bra when absolutely necessary
  • Opt for a comfy bralette whenever possible
  • Select organic cotton bras for best breathability and reduced pesticide exposure


Here are a few options I found, but I have zero performance experience here since I have AA cups

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Please feel free to share some of your favorite suggestions below