Safe Swap: Bronzer

Being a lifelong lover of makeup, I’ve been exposed to more than my fair share of cosmetic toxicity.

And before I found Crunchi, a holistic health professional pegged my bronzer as the #1 reason for the heavy metal build up that my body was experiencing. Yikes, right?!

‼️Mineral purity and ethical mineral sourcing are both VITAL when it comes to choosing a safe bronzer.

The rich pigmentation of a gorgeous sun-kissed bronzer is often derived from iron oxides. Sounds better than synthetic dyes, right? Yes and no.
📌 Iron oxides are naturally mined from the Earth, and can be contaminated with other naturally occurring impurities like lead, aluminum, and mercury. These are NOT ingredients you would ever find on a label, but they tag along unnamed with mineral derived pigments… UNLESS those pigments have already been tested for safety.
📌 Crunchi utilizes ONLY the highest level of mineral purity to pigment our products. They have gone through rigorous safety tests prior to us obtaining them, and then we go the extra mile to third party test again once in the final formula. So heavy metal toxicity can be the last thing on your mind when you swap to Solarise!
📌 Additionally, with child labor concerns in the field of mineral mining, you can rest assured….ALL of our ingredients are supplied from highly reputable, ethically maintained U.S. companies who source ingredients from within the U.S. and globally. Our Mica is sourced ethically and from regions that does not involve child labor practices.

Other concerning ingredients commonly found in bronzer than you’ll never find in Crunchi…


Linked to various reproductive cancers, asbestos contamination, and the biggest talc brand is currently facing over 100,000 lawsuits. Some research indicates that even “asbestos free talc” can be still contaminated.

❌ Fragrance/Parfum

Can be over 3k additional chemicals hiding under that labeling loophole

❌ Phenoxyethanol

May harm your central nervous system and cause depression, kidney damage, skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness.

❌ Nylon-12

A synthetic polymer with very little safety data… not enough for us to feel comfortable with including it


the United States Department of Health and Human Services lists BHT&BHA as known carcinogens

❌ Bismuth Oxychloride

a common ‘filler’ ingredients that mineral makeup companies use in their products because it is inexpensive, however it is synthetically manufactured from bismuth (a metal), oxygen, and chlorine.

❌ Parabens

well known for endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity, and carcinogenic effects. Found in 99% of breast cancer biopsies.

I am so grateful that there is absolutely NO reason to compromise your health for your beauty, or your beauty for your health with this stunning new formula!

Solarize Bronzer and all of your clean beauty needs available at!