Safe Swap: Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath •• Ditch & Switch

🛁 A fan favorite, am I right?! What kid doesn’t go wild for a bubble bath!?

Sadly, this is an incredibly toxic formula that kids just SOAK in. You know those pruney little fingers and toes when they get out of the bath ((cutest ever)) — it’s just a depiction of how long their little bodies have been absorbing in those ingredients.

Toxic offenders like…

PEGs – often contaminated with toxic pollutants like ethylene oxide (used to manufacture mustard gas), 1,4-dioxane, polycyclic aromatic compounds, and heavy metals (lead, iron, cobalt, nickel, cadmium, arsenic).”
Fragrance – Up to 3k undisclosed ingredients can hide under this one… most often phthalates which are known to cause hormonal imbalance
SLS – Considered a moderate hazard with links to cancer, neurotoxicity, organic toxicity, skin irritation, and endocrine disruption.
Triethanomaline – shown to increase the risk of asthma and skin irritation. They may break down in the product and form nitrosamines that are linked to cancer
Parabens – Linked to a variety of cancers… most prominently breast cancer
Phenoxyethanol – Neurotoxic concerns & The American Society of Contact Dermatitis lists phenoxyethanol as one of its core allergens, even in concentrations as low as 1%.

Lake dyes – who wants to soak in a petroleum bath?
Retinyl Palmitate – Animal studies have shown that retinyl palmitate speeds up the photo-carcinogenic effects of the sun and the development of skin tumors and lesions.
BHT – a toluene based ingredient recognized as an endocrine disrupter and probable carcinogen

Remember that these marketing claims on the front of the bottles mean ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING…

✖️“Hypoallergenic” (Zero tests necessary to make that claim)
✖️ “Gentle” (No governing body determining what a “gentle” ingredient is)
✖️ “Pediatrician Recommended” (Pay one doctors organization & bam there ya go)

🛒 Thankfully you can swap it out in a cinch by using my approved Amazon shop:
Our favorite brands are:
✅Attitude Living
✅California Baby

❗Regarding previously recommend, Alaffia: I was notified by you fabulous ladies that SOME of their bubble baths, not all, contain phenoxyethanol now with a recent formula change. So just be mindful to read the label each time if you’d like to try their bubble bath.