Safe Swap: Candy Canes

It’s officially November and I’ve got shopping, the holidays, gifting, and all things peppermint on my mind 🤍❤️
I love a refreshing sweet candy cane, and so do my boys! Having a safe swap for them to trade in after receiving one out and about has been super helpful in previous years. Here is why we opt for them to trade, traditional candy canes are made up of…
High fructose corn syrup
Artificial peppermint “flavor”
Red 40
Our swap is definitely still a TREAT, but at least the body knows how to process this line up of ingredients…
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Brown Rice Syrup
Peppermint Extract
Color Added (Organic Fruit Juice)
All used in these approved brands:
✔️Yum Earth
✔️WholeFoods 365 Organic
To make your swapping easier, I linked them all up for you here in the Amazon Shop and added in a few other peppermint treats for the candy cane lovers out there!