Safe Swap: Cookies!

Yep, yesterday I posted about our vastly limited intake of processed sugars for the time being, but I’m only human and can day dream about cookies, right!? 😆



Whenever we were #blessed enough to have cookies as a kid, they were always scratch made and super delicious.

I still remember being so confused as to how and why their was an isle at the grocery labeled “cookies and crackers”. They were all pre-packaged and my little kid brain was like “Whhhhhat!?”  We only picked up the packages if Mom wanted us to practice reading weird ingredients off the labels like…


👎🏼 Hydrogenated Oil

•High levels of trans fat which increase the risk of heart disease
👎🏼 Artificial colors
•Linked to behavioral disorders and ADHD
👎🏼 Polysorbate 80
•Ethoxylated compounds don’t belong in my skincare… so they for sure don’t belong in my snack foods
👎🏼 High fructose corn syrup
•Increases your risk of fatty liver disease, and excessive intake is linked to diabetes
👎🏼 Carageenan
•Linked to bloating and irritable bowel syndrome
•Studies show that it causes liver enlargement, neurotoxic effects, convulsions, and paralysis in laboratory animals.
•The internal agency for research on cancer lists these compounds as probable carcinogens
👎🏼 Artificial flavors
•I mean commme onnnnn


Here are some swaps that we all enjoy as a special treat and I know that our bodies aren’t going to have to work extra hard to process.

👍🏼 Organic Heavenly Hunks – Costco
👍🏼 Enjoy Live – Thrive Market
👍🏼 Go Raw Organic – Thrive Market

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