Safe Swap: Cough Drops

When it comes to your health, it’s incredibly important to remember that EVERYTHING that goes

👉🏼 Inside..

👉🏼 On top of.. and

👉🏼 Around your body

is either helping your body regenerate healthy function, or it’s making your body more weak and susceptible to disease.


Part of building your immune system is allowing your body to fight those common colds without suppressing the symptoms that our divinely created bodies begin to express when compromised. That doesn’t mean we need to be miserable though, and ever since I was a kid, my colds would settle into my lungs and I would end up with a cough… so I can appreciate a good cough drop!

Sadly, looking at the ingredient lists in common cough drops makes me cringe. By using these, you may get some relief of symptoms but you’re prolonging your illness by feeding it with foreign ingredients that your body now has to work in overtime to process.

Time to ditch it

❌ Halls: Menthol 5.8 mg. Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Eucalyptus Oil, FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Red 40, Artificial Flavors, Isomalt, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Soy Lecithin, Water.

❌ Ricola Sugar Free: Menthol (1.1 g), Ascorbic Acid, Aspartame, Citric Acid, Extract of Lemon Balm, Ricola’s Herb Mixture (Horehound, Hyssop, Lemon Balm Extract, Linden Flowers, Mallow, Peppermint, Sage, Thyme, Wild Thyme), Isomalt, Color , Flavors


Aside from artificial colors and flavors being linked to a series of heath troubles, aspartame alone is the FDAs #1 ingredient for reported negative side effects (98 different ones to be exact) ranging from headaches to leukemia.

Switch it

✅ Wedderspoon: Organic cane sugar, organic manuka honey, organic brown rice syrup, ground ginger, echinacea.


Real ingredients with proven health benefits that aren’t going to cause your body to work harder fighting off a cold, AND will help alleviate symptoms faster.