Safe Swap: Dishes

For the first time in ten years… we got new dishes! I have been investigating lead and heavy metals in dinnerware for a while now and wanted to share my findings with you all…and of course, a safe solution!



Did you know..

😱 Lead wasn’t regulated in dishes and dinnerware until the 1970s

😱 From that point on, lead and other heavy metal contaminants were not ADDED into plates and dinnerware, but can still be naturally occurring as contaminants.

😱 When your dishes begin to have those thin little barely visible cracks and chips in the glaze, those contaminants can then leach into whatever is placed on or in them.

😱 Heavy metal build up is incredibly toxic to the body, and there can be unavoidable exposures from polluted air, soil, and dust in old homes. So taking extra precautions to limit exposure to things IN our control is so helpful and important! 

Avoiding things like...


🚫lead based paint
🚫antique Tupperware
🚫most all ceramic coffee mugs on the market
🚫vintage dinnerware (ever heard of radioactive fiestaware? 😳)
🚫many, many conventional cosmetics

Lead in particular can accumulate in the body rapidly and children under the age of 6 are especially vulnerable.

Symptoms can appear in the form of…

🔗 Developmental delay
🔗 Learning difficulties
🔗 Irritability
🔗 Loss of appetite
🔗 Weight loss
🔗 Sluggishness and fatigue
🔗 Abdominal pain
🔗 Vomiting
🔗 Constipation
🔗 Hearing loss
🔗 Seizures

And in adults as…

🔗 High blood pressure
🔗 Joint and muscle pain
🔗 Difficulties with memory or concentration
🔗 Abdominal pain
🔗 Mood disorders
🔗 Reduced sperm count and abnormal sperm
🔗 Miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth in pregnant women


Yikes, right!? But like I always say…

When you know better – you can do better!


This is a great resource:

I don’t agree with 100% of her recommendations from a fully toxin free standpoint, but this woman does incredible research and heavy metals testing in various items! Super fascinating!

✅ Good news – as always here in LWM!

✅ Certified lead free dinnerware IS available.

✅ More good news – It’s very affordable, very durable, and very simple! And I popped it into the amazon shop for your easy shopping access!

✔️ Dinnerware:…

✔️ Dinnerware:…

✔️ Coffee mugs:…


Happy safe-swapping, Mamas!