Safe Swap: Hair, Skin and Nail supplements

Ditch & Switch  Hair, Skin, & Nails

A quick Instagram browse will showcase loads of influencers proudly promoting the bright blue SugarBear Hair Gummies. 

For a $30 price tag you’ll be getting one months supply of:
  •  Artificial dye

 A slew of synthetic vitamins [including the controversial retinyl palmitate and folic acid]

  •  Two types of genetically modified sugar
  • Undisclosed “flavors”
  • The risk of glyphosate and pesticide residues
That’s gonna be a no for me, ladies…

 My FIRST choice of supplement for healthy hair, skin, and nails is absolutely Regenaplex by Standard Process. You can find it through a local licensed health professional, or request access to shop directly from the website by gaining approval through:

If you’re partial to a tasty gummy option though I highly recommend checking out:

 Mary Ruth’s Biotin Gummies using this affiliate link: and LIQUID10 code at checkout for $10 off

 Made with organic ingredients

 Vegan & gluten free

 No undisclosed dyes or flavors