Safe Swap: Hairspray

Requests for ditch and switch posts get me all kinds of fired up, So today we’re discussing hairspray and let’s talk about why we should ditch the aerosol…

👎🏼 Plus, when you inhale denatured alcohol and hydro fluorocarbons, they may cause breathing difficulty, low blood pressure, skin, eye and lung irritation.

👎🏼 And, did you know hairspray is considered the MOST dangerous beauty product on the market? It has so many volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that can harm the ozone layer!!!

The best thing to do is swap out any aerosols you may have! Here are some of the best safe swaps that are safe for you and the environment:

🌼 Nature’s Brands Organic Hairspray

🌼 Aubrey Chia Hairspray

All available at:

In the 1970’s hairspray used to have vinyl chloride as an ingredient that was linked to liver cancer, and despite awareness of this ingredient, hairspray with this toxin stayed on the market another 10 years!! 

We no longer have vinyl chloride to worry about, but here are some to avoid in today’s hairspray:

❌Aerosol Propellants

❌Polyvinylpyrrolidone plastic (a carcinogen)

❌Formaldehyde Releasers




❌Butylphenyl Methylpropional