Safe Swap: Jelly

It’s a simple one, but I just can’t wrap my head around all of the unnecessary ingredients in conventional options!

I picked one up at the store recently and that label gave me total heebie jeebies.

Almost ALL conventional labels included…

✖️Hight fructose corn syrup
✖️Corn Syrup
✖️Confectioners Glaze (another undisclosed form of sweetener)
✖️Artificial Colors
✖️Artificial Flavors
✖️GMO Modified Cornstarch

Honestly, friends… thats just a chemical soup with some pectin to make it jelly texture. YIKES.

When you’re shopping for jelly, most grocery stores have a LOT of options, so I read all the labels and broke it down for you by brand. But first… a few quick tips!


Be mindful to never opt for one with “Sugar Free” on the label. This often means that they just replaced natural sweeteners (like cane sugar) with artificial sweeteners that are linked to loads of health concerns like…
✖️Acesulfame K

❗️I would also suggest the glass jars, opposed to the plastic squeeze containers that can have toxic plasticizers leech into your jelly.
❗️We personally choose organic options to reduce exposure to carcinogenic pesticide and herbicide residues, but I wanted to break down all the better options…

Not organic, but fewer toxic ingredients:

Smuckers Naturals
Welches Naturals

Not organic, with no added sweeteners:

Smuckers Simply Fruit

Organic with organic sweeteners

Crofters (Kroger & Thrive Market)
Simple Truth Organic (Kroger)
Good & Gather (Target)
365 (Whole Foods)
True Goodness (Meijer)
Santa Cruz Organic (Kroger)
Kirkland (Costco)
Smuckers Organic (Hard to find)
Trader Joes Brand (TJ’s)

Organic with NO added sweeteners (just fruit)

Thrive Market Organic Brand


Happy swapping, Mamas!