Safe Swap: Paper Towels

This swap is one I’ve known about for ages, but in full transparency… we just took the plunge recently! 

UN-paper towels have been on my radar since I learned these statistics…

❗️The average person uses around 3000 paper towels in a year.
❗️When we look at this on a bigger scale that is 13 billion pounds of paper towel used each year.
❗️According to the EPA, paper makes up the biggest part of US waste coming from homes.
Now you may be wondering if I am “crunchy enough” to go forward with some family bathroom cloth or UN-toilet paper… and the answer is no


That is where I draw the line…

so it’s only fair that I swap out paper towels!
After doing some research, there are way more options than I realized!

Click here for my amazon favorites

With all of the brands you can try in the amazon shop link above, rest assured that they are…
♻️ 100% biodegradable
♻️ Easy to wash! Cold water, ideally air dried, no fabric softener.
♻️ Eco-friendly
♻️ Affordable
♻️ The cleanest options available
♻️ A variety of styles and sizes to suit your families needs
Who else is taking the plunge with us? 🙋🏻‍♀️