Safe Swap: Underwear

Being extremely passionate about women’s health, I think it’s important we look at EVERY area of toxic exposure. That way you can identify what steps you’d like to begin with to ensure balanced hormones and a healthy reproductive system

As women, we are exposed to far more synthetic chemicals than men… simply because we use more daily products.

🔍 You can use the search bar to uncover safe solutions for dozens of topics like:

• Feminine hygiene products

• Personal care products

• Cosmetics & skincare

• Cleaning products

• Perfume & home fragrance

And today we’re talking about… underwear!

You may be wondering why. Most ladies probably don’t think they need a “safe swap” for undies, but it’s an important discussion because…

🌸 The vagina is a complex biome that can easily get thrown out of whack if not treated with care

🌸 It’s one of the most absorptive organs of the body and links directly to reproductive organs

🌸 75% of women will get a vaginal yeast infection at least once in their lifetime, more than 40% will get multiple, and 8-10% will experience chronic infections each year.

While most OBGYNs tout natural fibers for your nethers, there are a few companies that I have found to go above and beyond. They use certified organic fabric, guaranteed free from harmful toxins. Unlike most undergarment manufacturers, they know that cancer causing substances have no business up in your business.

And with a variety of options, it seems like there’s something for everyone available at:

🌸 Knickey

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Happy shopping, my friends!