Skin benefits from marine nutrients

Do I have any beach lovers in here? I know many believe in the healing benefits of the ocean, but I’m here to talk about how those marine nutrients can be beneficial to your SKIN specifically!

The thing about seawater is it provides a nutrient-rich growing environment for micro- & macro-algae that is rich in vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants. This makes marine extracts (known as “blue” ingredients) GREAT anti-agers and they are now being featured in high performance skincare (hint hint)… Here’s one worth chatting about.


“Laminaria Digitata”

This large brown seaweed is known as kelp, and it retains water in its plant tissue—much like the epidermis holds water—and even during low tide, it stays plump and moisturized. These water-binders (a combination of sugars, minerals, and amino acids) are extracted to be used in cosmetics. Those words “plump and moisturized” are music to my ears when we’re talking about that delicate skin around my eyes especially!


Brown algae extract has also been said to increase cell energy, which means that it will help increase the production of collagen and elastin which aids in firming the skin and slowing the aging process. Based on Cosmetic Dermatology, every year after the age of 21 you lose about on percent of your collagen, so these incredibly healing and hydrating ingredients make a GREAT addition to your daily routine!


This is one of my favorite components of my Daylight moisturizer!