LWM Strategy For Label Reading

My love for label reading runs deep.

You know I’m always happy to help, but I also hope to create empowered label readers! So here are some things I look for when I’m digging into a product…


1.) The Use Of Toxic Ingredients
This is obviously number ☝🏼 for a reason! There are thousands of ingredients used in personal care products, and less than 10% have been assessed for safety. My brain has collected the majority of all heavy hitters (for better or worse haha) and usually I can point out what’s clean and what’s not in a matter of moments.

2.) The Preservative System
Any product that contains water needs an effective and SAFE preservative system. Water is a very beneficial ingredient in personal care products for many reasons (that you can read about here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingwellmama/permalink/1015399752286442) but unfortunately many companies resort to toxic preservatives. If a preservative system is not listed, or a product boats “preservative free”… that’s a red flag to me.

3.) The Use Of Beneficial Ingredients
If it’s going on my face for any length of time, it may as well be working some anti-aging, hydrating, radiance improving magic. Preferably with certified organic ingredients whenever possible to reduce the risk of pesticide and herbicide contamination.

4.) The Packaging
Plastic packaging in the personal care industry not only contributes to our societies massive over use of plastic, but they’re also often lined with additional toxic chemicals which can leach into your product. I prefer to see glass, paperboard, and other innovative recyclable materials whenever possible.

5.) Cruelty Free Certifications
Not only do I want to see a “not tested on animals”, I want to see that they’re certified by a valid company with stringent standards for ensuring that at no time was an animal used to test a formula.

6.) Who Owns The Company
This is important because big brands are notorious for buying out smaller brands and modifying formulas. This takes the creators of those safe formulas and pulls them out of the drivers seat. Additional concerns include animal testing, unethical ingredient sourcing, not listing all ingredients, and lawsuits for lack of transparency. I much prefer to support small brands who have full control over their formulas.

7.) Made In The USA
This is important to me because of ethical practices, and voting with my dollars.

8.) Heavy Metal Testing
Any product that is pigmented with minerals runs the risk of heavy metal contamination. Minerals are still safer than synthetic dyes, but companies that invest in minerals that have high purity standards AND then also uses an independent third party to test… those are the ones I want my money going towards! Heavy metal exposure (especially with daily use products) is NO joke and can lead to an array of health concerns.

Now… If a product contains toxic ingredients then I don’t even bother checking into the other categories. That’s enough for me to PASS! 99% of the time, there is a totally safe swap for a toxic product… and thats what I’m here to help with!

If I can help, you know where to find me, Mamas!

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