LWM Superfood Favorites

First up… what are “super foods” anyway?

Superfoods are known to pack a more nutritious punch. While there is no governing body regulating what qualifies as a super food, current research shows certain live foods to contain more health benefiting nourishment… this is what lands them on “superfoods” lists alllll over Duck Duck Go (or your web browser of choice).

Why bother incorporating super foods?

Remember that out body is brilliant… but it cannot turn garbage into a high quality product. What we fuel ourselves with is what regenerates our cells. These various foods have research showing properties beneficial to cancer prevention, brain health, healthier hair, skin, and nails, and so much more.

How can these superfoods be consumed?

Live food is always best in my opinion… but I know sometimes EASE of use/preparation has to win. Many superfoods can be found in freeze dried powder form, or juiced using cold pressed methods.

Alright now for the fun stuff… the list of superstars!

Keep in mind, this is just a list of MY personal favorites… there are loads of unique lists out there to scour for more information!
***Please be mindful to choose organic whenever possible to limit your exposure to toxic pesticides and herbicides.***

1.) Garlic 

According to the National Cancer Institute, garlic consumption may reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer. It also helps with weight control, treats psoriasis and cold sores, and effectively boosts the immune system to help avoid the common cold.

2.) Papaya

This fruit has a WIDE range of health benefits. It is rich key flavonoids that help your body fight cancer cells. Carotenes in the fruit help prevent oral cavity and lung cancer, and other components contribute to the management of free radicals, which damage cells in the body. Other benefits of papaya include: Assistance with the control of blood pressure, anti-amoebic characteristics that contribute to regular bowel movements, the prevention of blood clots through the enzyme fibrin, increased glow in skin when used in facial treatments, and healthier digestion.

3.) Sauerkraut

All fermented foods are good for digestion, and sauerkraut has the added nutritional benefits of cabbage. Health benefits include: bacteria that makes the food easy to digest, high fiber content that promotes regularity, high levels of anthocyanin and Vitamin K that promote brain health, compounds that detox the body

4.) Avocado

A fan favorite in the Burns house. The health benefits of avocado include: increased healthy blood flow, lower blood pressure and reduced risk for hypertension, higher cognitive functioning related to lower blood pressure, reduction in bad cholesterol levels with the help of monounsaturated fats, which make up most of the calories in an avocado, cancer prevention provided by phytochemicals

5.) WILD blueberries

Research indicates blueberries may reduce age-related symptoms from dementia. Additionally, they help protect the brain from stress related to oxidative processes, improve learning capacity, improve fine motor skills, help regulate blood sugar, and combat free radicals that damage cell structures.

6.) Cilantro

Most often used to help gently detox heavy metals from the body. Cilantro also contains a variety of antioxidants, which help your body fight disease and cancer, improved cardiovascular health due to help reducing bad cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, reduced anxiety and discomfort due to muscle-relaxing properties, and improved quality of sleep

7.) Goji Berries

Reasons to choose these exotic looking berries include: eighteen amino acids, which mean the berries are a great source of protein, hunger reducing properties, a boost for the immune and nervous systems, and increased brain and muscle functionality

8.) Brazil Nuts

The nutritional benefits of Brazil nuts are vast, including: selenium, which increases anti-oxidants in the body and fights heart disease and cancer, vitamin E, which helps protect the body from free radicals and maintain skin membrane, a combination of vitamins and minerals that provide metabolic health, copper to prevent bone weakness and anemia, and manganese to help create superoxide dismutase, an important antioxidant enzyme.

9.) All leafy greens

I’m lumping this all into one category, although their benefits all vary. Kale, spinach, wheatgrass, spirulina, turnip greens, and bokchoy all pack a powerful punch. Wheatgrass contains an enzyme that breaks down superoxide radicals into a form the body can better manage, which slows the aging process. Chlorophylls in wheatgrass diminish the impact of harmful bacteria, helping the body fight disease. Chlorophylls purify the body, especially areas such as the liver. Wheatgrass promotes heart health and better blood flow. Chlorophylls help the body manage blood sugar levels.

10.) Açaí

Acai berries are packed with antioxidants and according to ORAC have the highest antioxidant value among fruits and vegetables. They’ve also been shown to lower inflammation, obesity and neurological diseases.

Some superfood powders that our family loves:
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Enjoy, Mamas!