Toner vs. Essence

Do you know the difference?

Sister, I’m here to tell you that I did NOT… but now I simply cannot un-know this information and have to share it with you all!

At first glance they may look similar…

but get ready to have your skincare routine totally rocked if you’ve been used to using a basic toner!!

What is the job of a toner?

  • Removes residue leftover from your cleaners
  • Strips away impurities and pollutants
  • Prep the skin for moisturizer application
  • Help to keep the skins PH at a healthy level


All beautiful things, right?! Well check this out…

What is the job of an essence?
It does EVERYTHING that a toner does… PLUS…

  • Gently exfoliates
  • Provides more targeted skincare benefits
  • Deposits nutritive, anti-aging, hydrating ingredients BACK into the skin after removing impurities
  • Leaves your skin refreshed and rejuvenated instead of dry/with a “tight” feeling to it

Basically, essences are what you get if your toxin free toner and toxin free serum had a baby. They are more lightweight and less concentrated than serums AND they serve as an additional layer of hydration.

Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins…

facial essence will soon be an ESSENTIAL part of your skincare routine!
So what are some LWM approved options for a facial essence? What if I told you that on my search high and low… I found ONE that hits all the most important high points:
✅ Toxin Free
✅ High Performance
✅ Eco-Friendly Packaging

And it is on track to make its debut sometime this summer!

Of course, my text list will be FIRST to know of its launch, so if you’d like in on this game changing skincare addition… simply text LWMVIP to 833-578-1311!

You ladies are going to go wild!